The days are long and the years are short. That is an old adage that proves to be undeniably accurate. So much so that your eyes graze across an old baby picture or memory that pops up on Facebook, and you think to yourself, “how is this possible?” Or when you feel young, yet the new wrinkles on your forehead and weathered hands say otherwise.

We feed the need for busyness. We are all guilty of this at some point or another. We all want what is best for our children and for our families. We all have good intentions. We schedule things to create memories or experiences. We often forget the importance of family life. We dive so deeply into our jobs, extracurricular activities, home projects, volunteer work, helping others…we sometimes forget. We forget to take a pause.

I, myself, have had to step back a bit. With my mother’s failing health and distance from her, I’ve needed to take a pause. Of course there are always things that I feel I should be doing at home…because the home projects never seem to end. Running to this practice, this event, this camp, this school function. But instead, we pack up the car after school to spend some time with family. Of course it’s a two-hour drive on a school night. Of course the kids are going to get home late. But someday, we won’t be able to go home and see them.

My husband’s parents and siblings live close by. We get busy, they get busy. But never too busy to not make time. Because someday, there will be all the time in the world and no one to visit.

We don’t get to see our siblings as often as we would like. Because we are all in the thick of it. The good stuff. The busy stuff. The thick gravy of life. Kids growing, playing sports, in other activities, and their own social lives. But we still make time. Because someday it will all make sense. It will give our lives and our children’s lives purpose.

Many of us don’t have the luxury of being in close proximity to family. It’s ok. You can still make time. Make the time. Take the trip. See the people that mean the very most. Because “someday,” will be a memory, a period of time we cannot get back. So whether you’re near or far, make your “someday” count. Even if it’s a phone call or FaceTime call away…

The best gift we can give our loved ones, is the gift of time…



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